The power, mystery and perfection of the female form intrigue me.  The form continues to
reveal itself spontaneously in much of my work.  No matter how much I’ve studied the
pieces, I know there will always be something more to be discovered about these women
and myself.

The creative process and artistic expression are hugely transformative and have provided
a source of healing for me.  Memories, dreams, humor, desires, passion, emotions, music,
and movement influence my art.  I often begin a piece with the title, many derived from
bits of conversations, or lyrics from songs, and from there the work evolves. I employ a
method of acrylic painting using strong colors, lots of texture and multiple transparent
layers through which words and symbols appear and disappear, and messages are
buried or obscured.  It is my intent to provoke thought in the observer.
Heart of a Spitfire.....
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